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About Courtenay-Alberni

Situated on the West coast of North America, Courtenay-Alberni is central to Vancouver Island, and a world recognized geographical feature. On the east, we have world famous islands of Lasqueti, Hornby and Denman Islands, the Salish sea embracing their shores, habitat to some of the world’s most inspiring and diverse wildlife. The largest spawn of herring frequent our waters year by year. 

The major population resides on the east coast of Vancouver Island and all persons I have spoken to call this land a true paradise for all creatures. One of the largest aquaculture industries in Canada, you may have tasted our famous oysters at airports around the world from Fanny Bay, or dipped a white spotted prawn into garlic butter, or munched on a pasture raised, grass fed burger from one of our farms. Your house may have wood and lumber from here and you may have heard of our Cathedral Forest and of our towering old growth forests, which many of us do care to protect. And the salmon that frequent our rivers to spawn. We have respect for our environment, living here makes you that way after time.

And not to be forgotten, going far west towards Tofino, Ucluelet, Ahousat, Bamfield, you will pass through our Pacific Ocean corridor of Port Alberni, which spreads out to some of the most spectacular environment and shoreline to mountains, anywhere in the world. Within a few hours of driving, you will have memories for a lifetime, and you will have an appreciation for how we are intended to live. Here you will respect our land, and breathe the spirit of healthy abundant life and nature, and I assure you, that you will be filled with the spirit of gratefulness of the awesome beauty of Courtenay-Alberni.

Enjoyment, respect, wonder, inspiration and hope, are some of the qualities Courtenay-Alberni will share with you.



I heard about the PPC just over 2 years ago from a patient at work.  I wanted to vote for the party at the last Federal Election but there was no representation.  I read the parties platform, follow the latest news and tweets and agree with Maxime 100%.  

I was born in Hull Quebec, raised in Niagara Falls Ontario and have been living on Vancouver Island for the last 14 years.  I luv my country but I don’t recognize it anymore.  There was a time when you could work hard and get ahead, those days are long gone.  I am married to an American citizen and let me say that has been a real eye opener for me.  I had preconceived notions of Americans because of media and false information, I have now learned to take people as I find them. 

My husband comes from a country where people don’t tolerate being bullied by their leadership, they get various tax breaks, pay less for the same things we pay double and triple for, I could go on and on.  One time we were pulled over by the police as they were checking driver’s licenses, insurance and for drunk drivers, my husband was shocked.  He told me that in the States its unlawful to pull someone over without probable cause.  Needless to say he gave the police officer a piece of his mind.  I started to see that most Canadians, myself included, do as we’re told and are afraid to question or stand up for ourselves, it’s easier not too.

Then COVID hit and I have to tell you I can’t believe what I’m seeing in this country, mandating vaccines and being bullied/blackmailed by our government if your not vaccinated, dividing Canadians one against the other.  Our Charter of Rights out the window because people in power don’t want to loose the power they’ve attained through scare tactics.  

I keep asking myself, is this really happening, how are people just going along with this, vaccinated or not?  Since when does a government in Canada decide what medical procedure you will do, where you can go and if you can move about freely?  Now if you question anything in this country you’re a conspiracist, antivaxer or racist, you’re not even allowed to have a thought.  

We recently sold our home and we’re considering moving to the east coast, it looks like we may not be allowed too, unbelievable.  My husband made a comment to me when he first moved here 13 years ago, it was crude but he said “you Canadians seem ok with just bending over and taking it up the …”.  That was a hard comment to swallow but as I thought about it and I did for days was it not true?  Now he’s asking me if unvaccinated citizens are going to have tattoos put on their forearms and be locked up in camps, I’m asking myself the same question. 

I haven’t even touched on how I feel about what has been done to this country by our current PM, it’s deplorable, he must really hate Canada.  What’s it going to take?  You know my husband said the other day once Canadians loose their power there’s no getting it back.  I’m actually ashamed to call myself Canadian right now, how sad is that?  I’m thinking maybe I don’t want to live in this country anymore, how sad is that?  I’m spreading the word about your party to whoever will listen, I need to do something.  All the best and good luck.




Vaccinated Carry Over 200 Times Viral Load As Unvaccinated -Has Premier Horgan and His Lackey, Henry, Read This !

ByWorld TribuneonAugust 26, 2021

byWorldTribuneStaff, August 26, 2021

Scientists have discovered that fully vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the viral load of Covid in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

The researchers, whodetailed their findings in a paperby the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, found that while the jab moderates symptoms of infection, it also allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into pre-symptomatic superspreaders.

“This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally,” Dr. Peter McCullough (global expert on the pandemic) noted in anAug. 23 analysisfor Children’s Health Defense’s The Defender.

The researchers who authored the paper found widespread vaccine failure and high rates of Covid transmission under tightly controlled circumstances in a hospital lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The scientists studied healthcare workers who were unable to leave the hospital for two weeks. The data showed that fully vaccinated workers — about two months after injection with the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine — acquired, carried and presumably transmitted the Delta variant to their vaccinated colleagues.

‘They almost certainly also passed the Delta infection to susceptible unvaccinated people, including their patients. Sequencing of strains confirmed the workers transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to one another,” McCullough noted.

Some U.S. scientists have made the same observations. The CDC has confirmed the Covid vaccines have failed to stop transmission of the virus.

The research out of Vietnam, McCullough noted, provides “a key piece to the puzzle explaining why the Delta outbreak is so formidable — fully vaccinated are participating as Covid-19 patients and acting as powerful Typhoid Mary-style superspreaders of the infection. 

Vaccinated individuals are blasting out concentrated viral explosions into their communities and fueling new Covid surges. Vaccinated healthcare workers are almost certainly infecting their co-workers and patients, causing horrendous collateral damage.”

McCullough continued: “Health systems should drop vaccine mandates immediately, take stock of Covid-19 recovered workers who are robustly immune to Delta and consider the ramifications of their current vaccinated healthcare workers as potential threats to high risk patients and co-workers.”




I am Robert Eppich of Denman Island BC, and I am running in the next federal election, for the People’s Party of Canada.

I majored in Political Science at UBC. I managed a communications department for many years and then became a software developer and entrepreneur, running my own small business for 35 years. I moved from the lower mainland to Denman Island over ten years ago. I am a treasurer of a water association on Hornby Island. I am married to my wife Carolyn, and happy parent of two adult children, and two grandchildren. As a consultant and programmer I have written accounting software able to handle small and medium sized businesses. I think we live in a fantastic place and I think you might agree to some of the things that make life better, like being:

Pro Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Pro Family Values

Pro Parental Rights

Pro Housing

Pro Home Schooling

Pro Small and Family business

Pro Farming and farmers markets

Pro Confidentiality and Privacy

Pro Speech and Listening

Pro Practical/Realistic Environmental Respect


In just over one year all the above, and more, have been largely ignored by our taxpayer funded governments, medical, and media institutions. In fact, four out of four, Fundamental Freedoms in our constitution, have been restricted or completely breached.


Starting now, through the next federal election and beyond into the future. 


Exercise your freedoms! Sixty-Six Denman Islanders signed the nomination sheet to have me placed on the ballot in this next 44th general election. Courtenay, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Errington and Port Alberni added 185 to the total of 250 nominations we were seeking.

I know of no other candidate who was supported so generously. Thank you all.

We are now entering the Campaign period. This is most likely to be heaviest and busiest during September.  I’m happy to meet you and answer any questions and listen to anything you have to say about our federal situation. 

Visit the website read their platform of Issues and enjoy listening to PPC videos and interviews with Doctors, Lawyers, for our understanding, and people like you and me. Read our Covid Platform!

I found that the Common Sense and realistic practical solutions PPC promote is valuable for your peace and security.

Your best action would be to read our platform, and purchase a one - year PPC membership for Five dollars! As a paid member you are able to vote for specific actions. The PPC wants to meet with you and discuss with you the issues more, so that the words fruitfully multiply themselves and are heard across our country that we all Love so dearly. This, is better, than the top down, upside down, orders and mandates. We need to have our legislation and judicial system healthy again. We need you individuals and families to come gather around and help us solve these problems and regain our freedoms, true north strong and free.

Thank You

Robert Eppich

Not Enough, I want and need to do more!

Please volunteer! Ask to help with door to door flyer hand-out. Become a Media contact, become a political campaign strategist, share what you think is good, and especially let us find the families who raise the next generation. Be an early bird and volunteer for the position that you believe is best.

Family Values and Parental Rights


When I married my spouse 30+ years ago, I always intended to have children, and we did. Raising children is a commitment like marriage. Diapers, feeding them, raising them, caring for them from the womb to cradle and then puberty through adolescence and then, adulthood, to parenthood! My flesh and blood, raised by their biological parents, we are the best to get them to puberty, past the confusion of raging hormones and destructive ideas, like drugs or suicide. 

A parents goal is to have their children also raise healthy families. Generation after generation. Now our leaders promote the opposite, and I ask,"Do they have children?". Without doing the work, themselves, they want to take control and deny your family values, deny your parental rights, by getting into positions of influence and changing things to make you, and your children, cease and desist? All done with thought viruses, warped logic and values, secretive government influence in Schools, without parents agreement? 

Humanity is not sustainable this way. I asked the celibate priests this as well, How do you expect to have your religion still alive in 200 years, if you can't have children? Isn't that a self destructive characteristic? Is life so bad that we shouldn't have kids? Maybe for some that is true, maybe for some, I can understand, but to actively, purposefully, and with determination, you try to convince me, or my children, to suicide myself or my future generation, I guarantee you will have a problem and will fail. 

Please let us make our own decisions, please respect our liberty, please respect the truth! Humans are by far better off than ever before at 7.8 billion and counting. By percentages, we have less poverty, disease, wars. The more of us humans there are, the more humans there are that want to solve humanities problems for the betterment of humanity, and we have succeeded far more than any self proclaimed gods and elites have ever done, and will ever do. Our prosperous humanity has beaten the elites and globalists to the point they try to psyc us out into killing ourselves, because of this, their arrogant pride is now soon to be short lived, they will disappear into the darkness of the past, and we fruitful, multiplying humans will prosper on into the future, making things better and better, generation after generation, while the tyrants and their delusional stories will make up the stories we will teach our children, far beyond our foreseeable future.

Have faith people! More people better times, more solutions, more justice, more sanity. To solve humanities problems, do not listen to elites who say there are too many humans, it is the exact opposite, we need more humans who love to solve humanities problems, not for money, power or fame, but simply for better humanity. Teach your children well! Be grateful. Join me and others, in this spirit and we will go beyond the promised land our forefathers predicted, we will go into the heavens and bring light life to all dark places. And we will say: "It is good!"