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Family Values and Parental Rights


When I married my spouse 30+ years ago, I always intended to have children, and we did. Raising children is a commitment like marriage. Diapers, feeding them, raising them, caring for them from the womb to cradle and then puberty through adolescence and then, adulthood, to parenthood! My flesh and blood, raised by their biological parents, we are the best to get them to puberty, past the confusion of raging hormones and destructive ideas, like drugs or suicide. 

A parents goal is to have their children also raise healthy families. Generation after generation. Now our leaders promote the opposite, and I ask,"Do they have children?". Without doing the work, themselves, they want to take control and deny your family values, deny your parental rights, by getting into positions of influence and changing things to make you, and your children, cease and desist? All done with thought viruses, warped logic and values, secretive government influence in Schools, without parents agreement? 

Humanity is not sustainable this way. I asked the celibate priests this as well, How do you expect to have your religion still alive in 200 years, if you can't have children? Isn't that a self destructive characteristic? Is life so bad that we shouldn't have kids? Maybe for some that is true, maybe for some, I can understand, but to actively, purposefully, and with determination, you try to convince me, or my children, to suicide myself or my future generation, I guarantee you will have a problem and will fail. 

Please let us make our own decisions, please respect our liberty, please respect the truth! Humans are by far better off than ever before at 7.8 billion and counting. By percentages, we have less poverty, disease, wars. The more of us humans there are, the more humans there are that want to solve humanities problems for the betterment of humanity, and we have succeeded far more than any self proclaimed gods and elites have ever done, and will ever do. Our prosperous humanity has beaten the elites and globalists to the point they try to psyc us out into killing ourselves, because of this, their arrogant pride is now soon to be short lived, they will disappear into the darkness of the past, and we fruitful, multiplying humans will prosper on into the future, making things better and better, generation after generation, while the tyrants and their delusional stories will make up the stories we will teach our children, far beyond our foreseeable future.

Have faith people! More people better times, more solutions, more justice, more sanity. To solve humanities problems, do not listen to elites who say there are too many humans, it is the exact opposite, we need more humans who love to solve humanities problems, not for money, power or fame, but simply for better humanity. Teach your children well! Be grateful. Join me and others, in this spirit and we will go beyond the promised land our forefathers predicted, we will go into the heavens and bring light life to all dark places. And we will say: "It is good!"