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Blog Post 4



I heard about the PPC just over 2 years ago from a patient at work.  I wanted to vote for the party at the last Federal Election but there was no representation.  I read the parties platform, follow the latest news and tweets and agree with Maxime 100%.  

I was born in Hull Quebec, raised in Niagara Falls Ontario and have been living on Vancouver Island for the last 14 years.  I luv my country but I don’t recognize it anymore.  There was a time when you could work hard and get ahead, those days are long gone.  I am married to an American citizen and let me say that has been a real eye opener for me.  I had preconceived notions of Americans because of media and false information, I have now learned to take people as I find them. 

My husband comes from a country where people don’t tolerate being bullied by their leadership, they get various tax breaks, pay less for the same things we pay double and triple for, I could go on and on.  One time we were pulled over by the police as they were checking driver’s licenses, insurance and for drunk drivers, my husband was shocked.  He told me that in the States its unlawful to pull someone over without probable cause.  Needless to say he gave the police officer a piece of his mind.  I started to see that most Canadians, myself included, do as we’re told and are afraid to question or stand up for ourselves, it’s easier not too.

Then COVID hit and I have to tell you I can’t believe what I’m seeing in this country, mandating vaccines and being bullied/blackmailed by our government if your not vaccinated, dividing Canadians one against the other.  Our Charter of Rights out the window because people in power don’t want to loose the power they’ve attained through scare tactics.  

I keep asking myself, is this really happening, how are people just going along with this, vaccinated or not?  Since when does a government in Canada decide what medical procedure you will do, where you can go and if you can move about freely?  Now if you question anything in this country you’re a conspiracist, antivaxer or racist, you’re not even allowed to have a thought.  

We recently sold our home and we’re considering moving to the east coast, it looks like we may not be allowed too, unbelievable.  My husband made a comment to me when he first moved here 13 years ago, it was crude but he said “you Canadians seem ok with just bending over and taking it up the …”.  That was a hard comment to swallow but as I thought about it and I did for days was it not true?  Now he’s asking me if unvaccinated citizens are going to have tattoos put on their forearms and be locked up in camps, I’m asking myself the same question. 

I haven’t even touched on how I feel about what has been done to this country by our current PM, it’s deplorable, he must really hate Canada.  What’s it going to take?  You know my husband said the other day once Canadians loose their power there’s no getting it back.  I’m actually ashamed to call myself Canadian right now, how sad is that?  I’m thinking maybe I don’t want to live in this country anymore, how sad is that?  I’m spreading the word about your party to whoever will listen, I need to do something.  All the best and good luck.