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I am Robert Eppich of Denman Island BC, and I am running in the next federal election, for the People’s Party of Canada.

I majored in Political Science at UBC. I managed a communications department for many years and then became a software developer and entrepreneur, running my own small business for 35 years. I moved from the lower mainland to Denman Island over ten years ago. I am a treasurer of a water association on Hornby Island. I am married to my wife Carolyn, and happy parent of two adult children, and two grandchildren. As a consultant and programmer I have written accounting software able to handle small and medium sized businesses. I think we live in a fantastic place and I think you might agree to some of the things that make life better, like being:

Pro Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Pro Family Values

Pro Parental Rights

Pro Housing

Pro Home Schooling

Pro Small and Family business

Pro Farming and farmers markets

Pro Confidentiality and Privacy

Pro Speech and Listening

Pro Practical/Realistic Environmental Respect


In just over one year all the above, and more, have been largely ignored by our taxpayer funded governments, medical, and media institutions. In fact, four out of four, Fundamental Freedoms in our constitution, have been restricted or completely breached.


Starting now, through the next federal election and beyond into the future. 


Exercise your freedoms! Sixty-Six Denman Islanders signed the nomination sheet to have me placed on the ballot in this next 44th general election. Courtenay, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Errington and Port Alberni added 185 to the total of 250 nominations we were seeking.

I know of no other candidate who was supported so generously. Thank you all.

We are now entering the Campaign period. This is most likely to be heaviest and busiest during September.  I’m happy to meet you and answer any questions and listen to anything you have to say about our federal situation. 

Visit the website read their platform of Issues and enjoy listening to PPC videos and interviews with Doctors, Lawyers, for our understanding, and people like you and me. Read our Covid Platform!

I found that the Common Sense and realistic practical solutions PPC promote is valuable for your peace and security.

Your best action would be to read our platform, and purchase a one - year PPC membership for Five dollars! As a paid member you are able to vote for specific actions. The PPC wants to meet with you and discuss with you the issues more, so that the words fruitfully multiply themselves and are heard across our country that we all Love so dearly. This, is better, than the top down, upside down, orders and mandates. We need to have our legislation and judicial system healthy again. We need you individuals and families to come gather around and help us solve these problems and regain our freedoms, true north strong and free.

Thank You

Robert Eppich

Not Enough, I want and need to do more!

Please volunteer! Ask to help with door to door flyer hand-out. Become a Media contact, become a political campaign strategist, share what you think is good, and especially let us find the families who raise the next generation. Be an early bird and volunteer for the position that you believe is best.