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Canada’s best response to climate and extreme weather is to prepare for it. 

Build where rivers will not break their banks, ensure fire breaks protect structures, and construct water reservoirs to ensure supply for periods of drought. Let's get out of the Paris accord. The monitoring of CO2 emissions from all cities and businesses and reporting this to the UN will not help protect from weather or climate. It will only incur administrative costs. Increasing energy costs and covering our beautiful country with wind turbines and solar panels will only make it more difficult for our children to prosper. It will reduce the resources needed to protect us from climate-related threats.  

Reducing our CO2 emissions will have no measurable impact on atmospheric CO2 levels. If Canada somehow stopped all CO2 emissions tomorrow, in one year China and India would increase theirs by the same amount. In the last 20 years China and India increased their CO2 emissions 14 times that of Canada's.

We cannot save the world by destroying ourselves.

Tony Heller

Climate Scientist

Pro Practical And Realistic Environmental Respect

I have paid attention all my life to the climate and the weather. I remember in the late sixties how the media talked about a warming planet, followed by a cooling planet followed by a warming planet and now a planet in change!

Dirty toxic coal and oil, I supported the efforts of Denman Island to stop the construction of a coal mine, that intended to use coal as fuel for their electric generators. We also opposed having the coal shipped for thermal coal to far away lands that you can see in the chart below, has no respect for a clean environment, and without respect for a clean environment, how can one expect respect for the climate effects.  

The Tsollum River flowing through Courtenay, was once poisoned by copper leeching out of an open mine up river in the mountains. The Salmon had died, the river had died, it seemed that life itself  was dead. And yet after both the provincial and federal governments had declared the river dead, after thirty years of study and enquiries and teams and surveys and humming and HAA-ing, they gave up on life themselves. 

And so the story goes, a man was fed up, and he took a look, and said they are wrong and put money where his mouth is and others rolled up their sleeves and refused the Hum and the HAA. They went up to that open wound in the mountains and they covered it with all organic plants, stumps, whatever they could find, they cleaned out the streams and cleared out the river and then spawned fish in the old hatchery, and then a few years later the salmon came back, the salmon came back and ran up the stream, and the largest spawn occurred and many salmon, many salmon fulfilled their life cycle and so the Tsollum’s life had returned.

I saw the salmon racing upstream. Here on Denman we have the Filongley River. I saw the salmon run there, along with the beavers and the herons and seagulls, and most majestic of all, the Eagles and the Canadian geese. 

We must keep our water and sky clean of toxic pollutants, we need to do practical and realistic things. None of us want to poison our Earth. So I suggest you  check out, and Tony Heller,  and Hilderman. Our heart goes with having the environment healthy and prosperous and abundant. We recognize that most of our problems are from toxic pollution. Cleaning that up, getting rid of those phoney clouds in the sky and the toxins with it will be the first step, clean up that sky from the pollution that falls to our earth and pollutes our soil with a brew of metals. 


Acknowledge the long trails in the sky left by jets polluting your air, or never understand and fix anything to do with climate and environment because you can’t see what is plainly in your face.